About Us

We are engineers, designers, managers. You name it... but one thing unites us all. We are enthusiasts who believe in open source as a tool to enable progress for us, others, and everyone.

The whole world runs on open source. Starting with the operating systems running on most servers worldwide, down to the tiniest form fields inside a random website contact form, it‘s all built on open source.

We think open source is a bit broken and needs some help fixing. Our world is challenging for creators and maintainers and favors significant corporate users. The disconnect between the open source organizations and the businesses using it is too big. Georgy discussed this briefly in his talk. This is all wrong, and we‘d like to change that.

Words like Linux, React, Webpack, and many others have become synonyms for software anyone can safely rely on. These have been built and improved for years or decades. The stories behind open-source projects are inspiring. Maintainers should be heard so we can all learn from this experience. We are trying to enable that.

Let us know if you'd like to join us on our quest, or if you‘re just curious.

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