Open Source Software Institute Workshops

What's really cool about open-source software is the way it invites everyone to contribute and collaboratively enhance a project.

However, venturing into the world of open-source development can be quite overwhelming for many. It's not just about familiarizing yourself with a new codebase.

There's also the technical side of things, like learning how to fork a repository, the steps involved in creating a pull request, the right way to report issues, and understanding the intricacies of reproducing bugs. Navigating these aspects isn't always straightforward, especially for those new to the open-source community.

React Girls

We're excited to partner with the React Girls community for an upcoming batch of workshops. This collaboration aims to demystify the open-source contribution process and promote diversity within the engineering field.

The workshop will specifically target the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively participate in open-source development, ensuring participants are well-equipped to make meaningful contributions, and grow as a professional.

Upcoming Events

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